Introduction to HLW Workspace Solutions Inc.

HLW Workspace Solutions is a commercial furniture dealership firm offering comprehensive enterprise services including project management, product installation, and design services. Our family-owned business is home-operated, which allows us to bring significant cost savings to our clients.

Our concise, dedicated and attentive staff enables HLWWS clients to work with one person from start to finish— with zero bouncing between departments, or meeting new reps for each call. Our mission is that We strive to provide unsurpassed service and custom project coordination from start to finish.

Founded in 2002 and supported by over 60 years of industry experience, HLW has cultivated long-standing relationships with major furniture manufacturers of workstations, case goods, seating, and more. We are proud to offer competitive pricing, which regularly beats that of large dealerships, on new and pre-owned products across the United States and Canada. HLW also helps companies liquidate assets and relocate clients.


  • Karen Beck has 36 years in the furniture industry with 20 of them spent with Herman Miller as a project manager, account management and VP of operations for a large Herman Miller dealer.
  • Barnaby Beck has 24 years in the furniture industry in seating and ergonomics with focusing on direct contact with customers.
  • Michael Timmins (Sales) has 2 years of experience in the furniture business and started in the installation side of the business.
  • Summer Lanning (Accounting) - Our in house account has 16 years of experience.


We look forward to working with you.